Connector of Ideas & People

Hedwig Wassing

A people oriented human being who easily builds and grows relationships. A broadly developed, target oriented manager, committed to the need of continuous innovation and change and experienced in handling the tension related to these processes. A creative initiator who consciously delegates tasks and responsibilities but values team performance. A manager with track records in most management disciplines. A customer oriented marketer, skilled in Information Technology and Logistics.

My passion for customer engagement based on the two pillars Trust & Convenience makes me continuously search for better experiences to serve human needs. As progressing technology enables us to introduce and apply smarter intuitive solutions every day, this quest will never end.

Integrator of Minds & Machines

Sebastian Kuntz

Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Innovation and International growth are his passion and drive. Integrating the rational, emotional and spiritual part of the human mind and the abstract world of machines are the drivers to innovate into the next generation of Internet and its related businesses. Information Technology in relation to communication, 360 degrees (digital) marketing, e-health, finance and compliance are the cornerstones of his long-term experience that make this innovation and integration happen. With his passion and drive he is able to attract, develop, inspire and grow individuals into operational and/or (non) executive market leading talents.

Creative Director, Customer Experience Architect, Connector of Ideas & People

Mick Walvisch

Internationally experienced, creative, open minded and dedicated leader in the area of customer experience. Vast experience in advising leading global brands - from technology to mobility, from retail to entertainment - on how to create a successful 360 degree marketing strategy. Having a clear vision on how customers are (will be) part of an open, reinvented and crowd sourced society with the use of the endless possibilities of all around us - including technology.

My main strengths and goal is spinning in creativity in all business processes and bringing together teams with a large variety in competences, recognizing and implementing business opportunities in a durable way.