Choices are made every day, online and offline. You are continuously tracked by companies that profile you, mostly for their own benefit. EmProDI believes that only you have the right to create, define, own and control your profile.
We want to empower you in defining and sharing your desires and help to make better decisions easier, in a complex experience driven World. EmProDI develops concepts and tools that help you achieve this goal.
EmProDI is a partner in the new connected crowd sourced world where we all have the same rights and the responsibility to generate good profits based on true and sustainable desires.

About our Project dZyre
Practice what we preach. As we live in a global society where the volume of content is continuously exploding in a never ending load of impressions the stress associated with making choices is increasing. We cry out loud keep it simple, be relevant, ‘don’t spam me’
That’s easier said than done.
Wouldn’t it be great if our subconscious and emotional preferences could be used to filter the information that’s relevant for me personally. Get rid of the noise and only hear the `music’.
In the physical world people engage using their senses, intelligence & emphatic powers. In the digital world only rational digital criteria can filter out the noise. How can we make the digital world sensitive & emphatic to our needs?
dZyre aims to make that dream (that craving need) come true.

Why we call ourselves an institute?
We don’t want to be just an other company. We believe in the power of co-creation. Accelerating innovations requires the brainpower, energy, competencies and skills of many creative entrepreneurial minds. A brilliant idea is often the result of the blend of good ideas. We are a growth oriented institute (organization) aiming for success. We don’t feel the need to own or control the resources that drive our business. We invite partners to strengthen our concepts by building additional value on top them.

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